Thursday, May 1, 2014

May / June 2014 GD Vicky

I'm an accountant working full time and a mother of 4 great kids. I have an amazing husband who understands that in order to keep my sanity through all this I need to craft. ;) I live in Quebec, Canada so a lot of my crafting is done with French sayings.
I have been crafting over 21 years and tried my hands at all kinds of techniques over the years. I started blogging in March of 2012 in order to join challenges. I became totally hooked!!!! I can't believe this world existed and I only found out about it then. I see blogging as a wonderful opportunity to improve my card making abilities.
I have realized that through the web I get to meet amazing people from all over the world and learn from them. 


  1. Welcome Vicky!
    Hugs Kaija<3

  2. Warmly welcome Vicky!
    Hugs, Sande xx

  3. We keep crossing paths Vicky ...brilliant, I'm excited to see your wonderful creations here dear friend xxx ♥


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