Thursday, December 26, 2013

GD Deni - Winter Card

Hello :-) GD Deni here stopping by the Fitztown Blog with another post.

I am using the extra image I printed when doing my tags in my last post :-) no wastage here lol. 

Today I have made a card for you to see, this is intended for one of my son's pre school teachers.
So again, the image I have chosen is from Fitztown's 2013 Winter Collection. He is one of the snowmen from Winter 1. You can find them here

The image was resized to approximately 5cm wide, so that he would fit my tag die, but I only used one of the images I printed so this is the extra. . I printed them on x-press it blending Cardstock. I purchased this from Forever Markers (only available from here in Australia).

I am going to copy all the colouring process from my tag post as this was done exactly the same.

Please remember to make sure u clean off your craft mat before u start crafting so you don't leave any ink residue or any leftovers from your last project. I use baby wipes, I find they are quick and easy and readily available as I use them to clean my rubber stamps. 

I will be working with Copic Markers today but u can use whatever medium you are comfortable with. 

Next I start laying down my colours, I am working on the candy came first as sometimes red bleeds and I don't want to ruin my whole image if this happens, if I do it first and it bleeds I can start over. 

I have chosen to colour my candy cane using R24, R27, R29. Due to this being a small image there won't be as much blending required as what I would normally be doing. 

So first I lay down my R24 on every second stripe, then I use my R27 to come in from the edges and lay down a bit more colour but leaving a stripe down the middle, I then do the same thing with my R29 but not going to the end of the R27, so some R27 is still showing.

Now I normally work light to dark and then work my way back, but due to this being a smaller image I will be skipping the R27 in the blending back and using my R24 to blend the R29-R27 back into the R24. You will notice you will still be left with the stripe down the middle. If you are using a larger image them feel free to use all the colours when blending back to lightest. 

Please leave your markers (or other medium) out as we will be using them again later. 

Candy cane is now complete let's move onto something else :-)

Let's work on his hat. Another red section so I will be using the same colours again, R24, R27, R29.

So same process as before, lay down your base colour (lightest colour) R24. Next start putting in your shadows with R27, come out a little bit as you will need to add darker colour closer to the edge. (don't quote me on these shadows as I'm not the best at them hehe). Next do the same with your R29, not quite coming out as far as your R27.

Next we are going back in with our R24 (no blending with R27 as it's a small image).

Next we will do his nose, this won't take much as it's so small. I will be using YR04, YR07.

I didn't do any blending at all on the nose, I just layed down the base colour YR04, and did a quick shadow with YR07.

Next I will be doing the scarf I'm thinking a nice blue. B93, B95, B97

I layed down my base colour of B93, added some shadow with B95 and then B97. I then went back with my B93 ( I skipped my middle colour again as it wasn't required on such a small image) and blended them out. 

Next is the buttons, I think I may just use some browns on those :-) E53, E55. 

Firstly lay down base layer of E53, now some shadow with E55, then back to E53 to blend out the E55. I found this lightened the shadows too much so I have had to go back I with my E55 and add the shadows again without blending out this time. 

Next I am just going to add some shadows into the snow. I am going to use c1, c3 and my 0 blender, 

Firstly lay down a small shadow using your c1 then go back and add the c3 in the same places but closer to the edge leaving some c1 showing. 

Next, using your C3 blender, blend your shadows back into the snowman, using a short flicking motion over the top of your c1 and c3 towards the centre of the image. 

I won't be adding any shadows to the hat white areas as I will be covering this with glitter and in such a small area you won't see them. 

Next I attach my die to the image using the Spellbinders Classic Ovals Small Dies and run it through my Cuttlebug.

I have now run the image with the die through my Cuttlebug and popped it out of the die. Looking good so far, nearly finished :-)

I am now going to make my card, I don't have the larger oval dies so i just place the die I used down on a piece of light blue cardstock and trace around the outside with a pencil, I then cut it out using my Tim Holtz Scissors. I attach the image oval to the blue oval and that gives me a frame. I used my Towmbow Multi Mono Liquid Glue to attach it.

I cut a 13x26cm card base from American Crafts Blue Cardstock, then I score it at 13cm and fold it. i then cut a 12.5cm base from white Cardstock. 

I am using papers from Kaisercrafts new paper collection called Santa's List. 

I cut a 2cm x 12cm strip from one of the sheets (this was actually leftovers from another card I had made). I also cut a 12cmx12cm square from another pattern paper. I attach the large square to the white square then the strip to the pattern paper. I cut a piece of red ribbon from Ribtex and wrap it around the card and tie a nice piece to the front. I then attach all of this to the blue base. 

I stamp the Merry Christmas Sentiment from Paper Smooches Merry Motifs Stamp set using Versafine Onyx Black onto a leftover piece of the white cardstock and cut some flags into the end and attach it.

I add some bling from my stash and some glitter to the snowmans hat and done :-)

Hopefully you enjoyed my tutorial please leave some love here and on my personal blog

Thanks for stopping by Fitztown :-)
Deni x


  1. Lovely card. Thank you for sharing your directions for completion of your card. Judy

    1. Yo are very welcome Judy, hope it wasn't too draining for you, I was actually real time blogging and blogging as I was going, I didn't realize how much there was until I was finished :-)
      Thanks for stopping by
      GD Deni

  2. Beautiful card !
    Hugs Kaija<3


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