All About Fitztown

I am sure you have seen some of the fantastic digital images 
created by Paul and Morgan Fitzsimons,  but there is so much more on offer at Fitztown.

There are  digital stamps and pre-coloured images, craft CDs 
and books, comics, digital jigsaws and  non fiction books.
You could have a portrait created by Morgan or 
play a game or two with the apps
 available at Google Play.
But we have only touched the surface, head on over to the 
store here! and see how Fitztown can continue to inspire you on
 your creative journey.

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  1. I have a product question, but I couldn't find a way to ask it on the shop site. I would like to purchase Fae 3, the image of the woman surrounded by flowers, with her finger to her mouth. Problem is, Fae 3 isn't available for purchase on the site. Has this image been discontinued? Thank you taking the time to address my question. Let me know if there is a more appropriate mode of communication.


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